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Tyrese Gibson May Face Charges After Stunt For Daughter (Photo)

Tyrese Gibson May Face Charges After Stunt For Daughter (Photo) Promo Image

Tyrese Gibson could be in big trouble after his daughter's mother said that he broke a restraining order by sending their 10-year-old some not-so-subtle messages.

On Oct. 23, a plane flew over the girl's school in Van Nuys, California, with a banner trailing behind it that read: "No matter what, Daddy loves you Shayla," reports TMZ.

On the same day, Shayla also received several gifts, including balloons, a fruit basket, a teddy bear and a card, which were mailed to her school and signed "From Dad."

But Tyrese's ex-wife, Norma Gibson, filed a police report stating that the famous father violated his temporary restraining order, which forbids him from having any contact whatsoever with his daughter amid a legal battle stemming from allegations that Tyrese physically abused the girl.

Sources close to Tyrese said that he does not believe he did anything wrong, since he did not have any direct contact with his daughter. However, Norma's attorney, Aleen Laura Khanjian, said that the gifts could constitute witness intimidation. The Department of Children and Family Services may question Shayla while they investigate allegations that Tyrese pinned his daughter against the ground and beat her so hard that she could not sit down afterwards, notes The Blast.

Norma said in court documents that the violent incident took place in August, when Tyrese said that his daughter stole her own birthday money from her piggy bank.

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According to Norma's statement in the documents, Tyrese reportedly pushed Shayla face down into the ground and beat her as she "begged for mercy" and screamed to him: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  Please stop! You're hurting me!"

Tyrese's attorney said that Norma fabricated the account.

The "Fast and Furious" actor issued a statement on Instagram in September, apologizing to his wife that their marriage "didn't work out."

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"I'm sorry I got re-married," he wrote, later adding: "I'm sorry you haven't been able to find another man since we separated."

Those following the saga are split over their response to it, with some supporting Tyrese and others stating that his gift-giving constitutes "typical manipulation from an abuser."

"I hope they toss him in jail," one person commented on Daily Mail coverage of the developments.

Another simply said that they felt "sorry for the child" who is "stuck in the middle of all this." Another commenter said that they were "smacked as a child" for being "naughty" and that it taught them discipline and respect for authority.

"Cant blame the guy - so many father out there are being kept away from their children by scheming and manipulative exes," said another. "Think of what wouldnt you do if your kid was being kept away from you and was being fed malicious lies so as to turn against you. He who feels it , knows it. Dont judge the man."

Sources: TMZ, The Blast, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: TMZ, Disney | ABC Television Group/Flickr

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