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TX Bill Would Require Hotels to Inform Guests about Gun Control Policies

A Texas bill would require hotels in the Lone Star State to inform prospective customers about their gun control policies. Failure to do so would be a misdemeanor crime punishable by up to $100 in fines.

Sponsored by State Rep. Ryan Guillen, HB 333 would require hotels that limit possession, storage or transportation of firearms to notify would-be guests on the website or when guests make reservations.

Guillen argued the bill would clear up confusion about hotel gun policies, thereby reducing the chance that a guest would violate hotel policy.

Another effect of the bill is that it would subtly push hotels more toward pro-gun stances. If the bill passes, hotel owners might be persuaded to dump their gun control policies in order to avoid notifying and scaring off potential customers. Considering the number of Texans who own guns or support gun rights, there is a fairly good chance that hotels could experience a dips in their bottom lines if they publicly announces their gun control stances.

It is anybody’s guess as to whether this was an unintended side effect or if Guillen hoped for this from the beginning. Whatever the case, this bill is certainly more pro-gun than it is pro-business.

Gov. Rick Perry (R) has until June 16 to veto the bill and stop it from becoming law. It appears that Perry might let this bill slip through. Bizjournal notes that Perry has only vetoed two bills this legislative session, the fewest since he has taken office.

How do you feel about this bill? Are you glad that legislators are attempting to protect the rights of gun owners by clearing up any potential confusion over gun control policies? Are you bothered that this bill could negatively affect well-meaning business owners who are well within their rights to restrict gun ownership on the premises?

Source: Bizjournals


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