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Two Young Girls Praised As Heroes For Preventing Abduction Of 6-Year-Old Girl

Two young New Hampshire girls are being praised after police say they stopped an attempted kidnapping in Manchester, New Hampshire (video below).

Kristen Winslow, 11, was playing in the pool in her backyard with her friend, Cienna Lukegord, when the two girls saw a man dragging Lukegord's 6-year-old sister through the yard.

The girls hopped a fence and ran to help Cienna's sister, Lilly. They chased the man down the street, confronted him, and grabbed Lilly's arms.

Kristen knew she had to help, no matter how afraid she was. 

"It was my best friend's sister," she said. "What if she got taken?"

Kristen's mother, Christel Dawson, was inside the house when she heard her daughter screaming for help.

"They said, 'oh my God, Mom, there's this guy taking Lilly!' So we just ran out in the front," Dawson said.

The man, identified by police later as Timothy Wallingford, appeared to be on drugs and was behaving erratically, reports My Fox Boston. Dawson, with her 3-month-old son still in her arms, followed Wallingford as he ran down the street and called the police to make sure he was taken off the streets.

Wallingford was arrested and is being held on $100,000 bail. 

Dawson said she is proud of the girls for being so courageous against a man nearly twice their size.

Sources: My Fox Boston, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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