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Two Young Girls Dead After Tragic "Freak Accident" Involving Rotting Tree (Video)

Police in Somerset County, Pennsylvania have identified two young girls who died in a freak car accident while driving with their pregnant mother.

According to reports, 26-year-old Ashley Lichty was in the car with driver Jason Hinebaugh, 36, and four young children. As Hinebaugh was driving, a tree suddenly snapped and landed on the car. Hinebaugh lost control of the vehicle when the tree landed on it, and the car wound up colliding into a telephone pole.

Tragically, Lichty’s two daughters Ryleigh Freiwald, 8, and Macayla Freiwald, 6, were killed as a result of the crash. Reports say that as Lichty got out of the car, following the crash, she screamed, “My babies! My babies!”

“After I arrived on the scene, it was uncontrolled chaos,” said paramedic Adam Trabold. “We were trying to get everything done. Once you get more resources, you're able to focus on one patient at a time. I tried to treat each patient as (my) family member.”

Hinebaugh and Lichty both survived the crash, as did two other injured children. Lichty’s unborn child is also reportedly in good health. Police are currently investigating the incident but say they believe that it was a “freak accident.”

“In my 23-years here I have never had anything like this,” said Chief Louis Barclay. “To have two young children die in the same family it must be horrendous on the parents, I can't even imagine.” 


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