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Two Young Boys Snatch Medical Marijuana Plants From Colorado Dispensary

Authorities are trying to identify the two young burglars who stole $16,000 worth of medical marijuana plants from a Denver dispensary. According to video images, the thieves appear to be around the age of 12.

The burglary occurred in late July at the Good Meds Network medical cannabis shop. Police sent out a Crime Stoppers alert about this case on Thursday hoping someone knows about the crime, but have asked media outlets to not broadcast or publish photos for the safety of those involved in the heist.

The cops fear that two 12-year-olds wih $16,000 worth of pot would be an easy mark for violent drug dealers.

"Obviously we're concerned here," Denver Police spokesperson Sonny Jackson said, according to 9News. "We're not sure what they're going to do with it or who they're going to contact. This is a situation where we want to find out where these kids are for their safety, as much as anything."

It’s not known how the two boys entered the facility, but according to police, they remained in the building for nearly a half an hour before making off with the marijuana.

A woman who reportedly answered the phone at the dispensary claimed to be a media spokesperson for the company. She declined to comment, but indicated the shop was actively working on its security system.

Sources: The Inquisitr, 9News


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