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2-Year-Old Served Alcohol At North Carolina Restaurant

A Texas Roadhouse restaurant in North Carolina is facing backlash after reportedly serving a two-year-old girl alcohol.

According to reports, a family went to an Asheville Texas Roadhouse restaurant to celebrate Derek Gilliam’s 25th birthday. The family ordered food and non-alcoholic drinks, and mom Tiffany Gilliam ordered 2-year-old Gabriella a cranberry juice.

When the drinks arrived, Gilliam says she noticed that her daughter thought the drink tasted strange. When the parents tried it themselves, they were shocked to discover that Gabriella was served sangria.

“I had to rub her belly the whole night and she slept with us because I was scared that she might not wake up,” Tiffany Gilliam said, according to WSOC. “That she'd choke on her throw up and not wake up. It was the most horrible feeling ever."

After discovering the 2-year-old had ingested alcohol, the terrified parents rushed over to a local emergency room where doctors diagnosed her with accidental alcohol ingestion.

“It was very scary,” Gilliam admitted. “I mean me, my mom, his mom, we were all in tears. I don’t want that to ever happen to anybody else’s child.”

Two-year-old Gabriella is said to be doing much better, and the restaurant reportedly apologized, sent an employee with the family to the hospital, and comped their meals. A spokesperson for Texas Roadhouse insists that it was an honest mistake.

Sources: My Fox 8, WSOC / Photo Sources: WSOC, My Fox 8


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