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A Two-Year-Old McDonald's Burger Looks Disgustingly Fresh (Photos)

Think twice before convincing yourself that fast food is a legitimate substitute for a home-cooked meal. An ongoing experiment by Nebraska Dr. Andrew J. Rivera shows just how artificial and processed fast food really is.

When you walk through the door of Dr. Rivera’s Omaha office, you’ll notice a burger and fries displayed on a platform. The food looks pretty fresh – the bread isn’t moldy and the meat isn’t rotten. It looks like a normal McDonald’s meal.

Here’s the kicker: the food is over two years old.

“Our Happy Meal display is meant to show you the differences between fresh, pure food & processed food with additives,” Dr. Rivera said. “You see the ingredients; you make the choices. We do it because we CARE about your family’s health & their relationships with food.”

McDonald’s acknowledges that its food doesn’t rot. The company claims this is because they dehydrate their meats and breads of water. In the absence of water, McDonald’s claims, food won’t rot. But regardless of whether a food is initially dehydrated, it still comes in constant contact with moisture in the atmosphere. Any opened, unsealed food should begin to naturally decompose after a few weeks – let alone a few years. Even beef jerky – another dehydrated food -- goes bad in far less than two years after opening. McDonald’s infinitely fresh burger is a testament to the power of artificial preservatives.

“Eating on-the-go can be just as detrimental to your health as overeating and eating empty calories,” Rivera says. “So this challenge was a way to interrupt your daily patterns & inspire you to stop and take the time to prepare your food (and also taking the time to enjoy eating it!).”

Here are a few pictures of the burger and fries. Remember, the food you’re looking at is older than many people’s children:

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