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Two Women Sue Texas Jail Claiming Guards Ran a 'Rape Camp'

Two women in Texas claim the Live Oak County Jail employed guards who ran a “rape camp” out of the facility and “repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates.”

The suit filed in federal court names Live Oak County and former jailers Vincent Aguilar, Israel Charles Jr. and Jaime Smith. The three guards — all employed by the Live Oak County Sheriff’s Office — were arrested and charged with sexual assault in August 2010.

The two women, who were identified only as JAS and JMN, claim that, “beginning sometime in 2007 to at least August of 2010 the Live Oak County Sheriff's office ran a 'rape camp' known as the Live Oak County Jail.”

According to Courthouse News the claim states: “These forced acts of lasciviousness included, but are not limited to, forcing female inmates to repeatedly perform oral sex on male guards, forcing female inmates to repeatedly masturbate the male guards, the male guards masturbating in view of the female inmates, male guards forcing digital penetrative sex acts in the female inmates, forcing female inmates to engage in sexual acts with other female inmates, including but not limited to forcing female inmates to have oral sex with each other, among other things.”

The suit claims that guards would withhold food and water from inmates, restrict other privileges, verbally, emotion and physically abuse them to force them into sexual activities.

In addition to sexual assault, female inmates were also allegedly sexually harassed.

“Certain male guards would sometimes force the female inmates to shower in front of them while instructing them to shave their vaginas,” the claim states. “In other instances, while detailing their degenerate sexual fantasies, the jailers would pin the girls against a wall, grope their persons, verbally berate them, digitally rape their vagina and/or anus, then force them to perform oral sex.”

Claimant JAS was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in July 2010. During her pretrial incarceration, JAS said the three guards sexually assaulted her in numerous ways, telling her she was their “sex slave or whatever they wanted her to be.”

JMN says she was arrested in July 2010.

“Upon introduction with [her],” the suit claims, “defendant Aguilar remarked that she '[looked] wild' and that he could not wait to [have sex with] her.”

JMN claims she was repeatedly sexually assaulted at the jail.

At some point, they claim the guards forced both women to perform sexual acts on each other.

The suit seeks punitive damages for assault, civil rights violations and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Sources: Courthouse News Service, Democratic Underground


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