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Two Women Smuggle Six Kilos of Cocaine in Homemade Diapers

Two women from the Bronx were caught at New York's JFK airport from a Dominican Republic flight wearing homemade "diapers" carrying six and a half kilos of cocaine. 

Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale believed the cocaine diapers would be difficult to detect, as they looked natural underneath clothes. 

But once the two got off the plane, Customs and Border Protection officers searched them after a drug-sniffing dog targeted them. 

The officers checked their baggage, but found nothing. Then they did a pat-down and discovered the diapers. 

Pena and Blassingale were read their rights and arrested. 

Blassingale is in jail and Pena has been released on a $150,000 jail bond. 

Courts take this type of offense seriously. Last year, a Caribbean baggage handler who smuggled more than 330 pounds of cocaine on American Airlines flights was given three life sentences. 

"You personally exacerbated one of the nation's greatest blights," U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis said when the man was sentenced. 



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