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Two Women Discover They Are Long Lost Twin Sisters Via YouTube

Imagine coming home one day to a Facebook message from a stranger telling you they might be your long lost twin sister. Well, that actually happened to 26-year-old actress Samantha Futerman, and now, the two are turning their story into a documentary.

Futerman says that on February 21, 2013, she received a message on Facebook from a girl named Anais Bordier. In the message, Bordier said she discovered her in a YouTube video and was struck by how similar they looked. Upon further investigation, Bordier says she was shocked to find out that Futerman was adopted like she was and that they had the same birthday, so she wanted to ask one more question to confirm her suspicions.

"So...I don't want to be too Lindsay Lohan, to put it... I was wondering where you were born?" asked Bordier, who was adopted as a baby and raised in France.

Well, as it turned out, Futerman was adopted on the exact same day as Bordier and was born in the same town in South Korea.

"We both share a twisted sense of humor, a love of cheese despite any & all lactose intolerance, flatulence as a result of said lactose intolerance, & an apparent napoleon complex to name a few," writes Futerman after determining that the two were long lost twins.

Futerman, who was raised in New Jersey, is known for her roles in Memoirs of a Geisha, The Big C, and Kroll Show. Her twin sister Bordier is a fashion design student living in France. After months of messaging and Skyping, the two were finally able to meet in May of 2013, and now, they are planning the release of both a book and documentary about their unique story.

“Our incredible twist of fate can lift one to rejoice that anything is possible, and the biggest boundaries in life are the ones we set for ourselves," said Futerman. "There are so many possibilities and so many crazy things that happen in a lifetime, and it is a gift to embrace them all. All I know is I have an innate, unconditional love toward this relative stranger."

The twins launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that completely funded their documentary. Check out the trailer below.


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