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Two Women Beat Up, Mug Man On New Orleans Street (Video)

Police recently released a video (below) that shows two women beating up and mugging a man in New Orleans.

The altercation occurred Oct. 3 at approximately 6 a.m. in the 800 block of Burgundy Street, Daily Mail reports.

In the surveillance video, two women get out of a Ford SUV and approach a 51-year-old man in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The three individuals carry on some kind of conversation before one of the women runs at the man and punches him the face, knocking him down.

The victim falls into their car, and the woman who struck him looks through his pockets.

The man tries to fight back, but the second woman comes in, and the two drag him into the road.

He gets up and tries to run away, but they overpower him again.

At this moment, a passer-by approaches. He stops and moves towards the altercation to get a better look before walking away from the scene.

The suspects then stand up and leave the injured man lying in the road. They take his wallet and cell phone and run to their SUV. The car quickly drives off, leaving the man helpless.

New Orleans is no stranger to mugging and other violent crimes. During the week of Sept. 24 to 29, there were approximately 19 armed robberies in the city, according to data that the New Orleans Police released to

The New Orleans Police Department released the mugging footage recently in the hopes that the public will help track down the two suspects, notes the Daily Mail.

Police ask that anyone with information about Saturday's altercation calls detectives at (504) 658-6080 or Crimestoppers Inc. at (504) 822-1111.

Sources: Daily Mail,, YouTube
Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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