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Two White Supremacy Signs Go Up In Knoxville: “Diversity Is A Code Word For White Genocide”

Knoxville police removed two vinyl banners containing white supremacy dogma from the I-640 overpass on Monday.

The mysterious banners, which were about 30 inches tall and 123 feet long, were hung from a railroad span over the interstate.

The signs read, “‘Diversity’ Is a Code Word For White Genocide.”

A passerby dialed 911 to report the signs just before 9 a.m. on Monday.

Police do not know who is responsible for the banners. However, they said they would return them if someone calls to claim them.

According to the White Genocide Project, “white genocide” is the ending of the white race through assimilation and "legally forcing" whites to diversify.

“For example, the Obama administration declared Marin County California to be ‘Too White’, and wanted more non-Whites there,” the group’s website says.

“Governments that are in power today document the fact that White people are becoming minorities in White countries all over the world, but at the same time will call for ‘diversity’, which is a codeword for less White people,” it says.

Sources:, WNCT 9


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