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Two US Marine jets collide over water near San Diego

Two U.S. Marine Corps single-seat F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets collided over water near San Diego on Nov. 9 just before noon. 

One pilot ejected himself from the aircraft and was rescued at sea by the Navy while the other managed to land safely at a nearby Naval base, stated the Marine Corps Air Station based in Miramar, California. The two pilots are in stable condition and are being observed by medical staff, military sources confirmed to CNN. 

Based at the Miramar station, located slightly north of San Diego, the two aircraft were on a training mission. 

The pilot who ejected from the plane was rescued at 12:41 p.m., about half an hour after a distress signal was received by rescue teams, the Marine Corps confirmed. The pilot was rescued by a search-and-rescue helicopter from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, ABC News reports. 

The other pilot landed his jet at Naval Air Station North Island, located just south of San Diego. 

Military officials are investigating the crash.

In July, a Marine pilot also based at Miramar died during a training exercise when his fighter jet crashed.

More than 140 Marine have died in 2016; only one of these happened during combat. 

Sources: CNN, ABC News / Photo credit: CNN

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