Two University of Miami Football Players Admit to Raping 17-Year-Old Girl


Florida police say two University of Miami football players admitted to raping a 17-year-old girl in a dorm room.

CBS Miami reports that Alex Figueroa and JaWand Blue, both 20, attacked the girl on Saturday.

Coral Gables police have said that the victim, also a UM student, reported the crime to campus police.

According to Complex Sports, on Tuesday, the two men came forward about their participation in the crime, and were arrested on sexual battery charges.

The arrest report details that the victim had been drugged before the attack and was not able to resist.

The two men, who were both linebackers for UM, have been kicked off the team.

The school’s athletic director, Blake James, said that he “permanently dismissed” the two men from the UM football team, noting also that “the University has also suspended the students from school and barred them from all campus facilities” while an investigation is conducted.

Figueroa and Blue told police that they had bought alcohol for the victim on Saturday night.

They then brought her back to Figueroa’s dorm room on campus. They told police that they performed sexual acts on her without her consent.

The University of Miami is now conducting its own internal investigation while cooperating with law enforcement.

Sources: NY Daily News, Complex, Miami Herald

Photo Sources: Miami Herald, Hurricane Sports


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