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Two Thirds Of Americans Still Use Cell Phones While Driving

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A study recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 69 percent of U.S. drivers talked on their cell phones while driving within 30 days of being surveyed. Beyond that, 31 percent of drivers also said they had read or sent a text message or an email while driving.

The number of drivers using mobile devices while driving in America far outnumbers seven European countries that have full bans in place for mobile device use while operating a vehicle. Here is a breakdown of how the other countries scored when it came to onroad phone use:

Portugal: 59 percent

Netherlands: 48 percent

Belgium: 46 percent

Spain: 41 percent

France: 40 percent

Germany: 39 percent

Britain: 21 percent

28 percent of motorists in the U.S. admitted to using mobile devices “regularly.” They were followed by Portugal (20 percent) the Netherlands (20 percent), Belgium (16 percent), Spain (13 percent), France (10 percent), Germany (9 percent) and Britain (8 percent), according to the CDC data.

33 states in the US have laws in place that are meant to restrict teens and new drivers from using cell phones while driving, but only 10 states have all encompassing restrictions.

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