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Poll: Democratic Party Is Out Of Touch With Americans

Are Democratic leaders out of touch with the needs of average people? Roughly two-thirds of Americans think so, a new poll finds.

The ABC News/Washington Post survey published by Langer Research on April 23 found that more than half of respondents said that not only was the Democratic Party unable to relate to most people's concerns, but so were the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

The left-leaning party was the biggest loser, with a 67 percent of respondents saying the group was out of touch, while 62 percent said the same of the GOP and 60 percent of Trump.

Nineteen percent more respondents found Democrats to be out of touch than the 48 percent who said the same in March 2014. Even many of those who typically vote Democrat said that the party was disconnected, with 33 percent more liberals calling the party out of touch than in 2014, 30 percent more Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents and 26 percent more moderates and nonwhites.

Of those who said they voted in the 2016 presidential election, 46 percent surveyed said they cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton and 43 percent said they marked Trump's name, which is close to the margin by which Clinton won the popular vote.

However, 85 percent of those Clinton voters said they would cast their ballot for her if given the chance to vote again, while 96 percent of Trump voters said they wouldn't do anything different.

Some blame Democrats for obstructing key policy changes from the GOP and the Trump administration.

"They couldn't get the health care bill through," Frank Roggeman, a Vietnam veteran who voted for Trump, told ABC News. "And he's having all kinds of problems with the Democrats so it's a little disappointing. I don't blame him."

But Roggeman still is not completely pleased with his president's actions so far.

"He hasn't built ... the wall yet," added Roggeman. "I know he's working on that and he's going back to the health care again and tax reform. So I mean he's trying but I don't know whether he has the political capital to get it done."

As the president's 100-day marker approaches on April 29, Americans remain unsure of his performance so far.

A daily Gallup tracker found that 40 percent of Americans approved of the job Trump has been doing as president, while 54 percent disapproved, as of April 23.

"At least, give the guy a chance," Michigan Trump voter Marianne Bird told ABC News. "That doesn't mean you forget but we have to forgive and we have to move on."

Sources: ABC News (2), Gallup / Photo Credit: Glenn Fawcett/U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Wikimedia Commons

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