Subway Attack Sends Elderly Woman To Hospital (Video)

A 78-year-old New York woman was hospitalized after two teenager girls reportedly beat her on June 2 (video below).

The elderly woman was traveling on the subway when she asked the two young women to move their feet from a seat so she could sit there, the Daily Mail reports.

When the woman got off the train, the two teenagers allegedly followed her and both punched and kicked her in the head before rushing off onto the next train.

The elderly woman was later released from hospital and allowed to return home.

The two teens were being questioned by police the day after the alleged attack. One of the girls' mothers turned her in to police and the other was picked up soon after, reports Daily Mail.

It’s not the first time two teenage girls have been accused of beating an older person.

In April 2016, two girls in England -- ages 13 and 14 -- were jailed for 15 years after spending nine hours battering a vulnerable 39-year-old lady to death in 2014, reports Daily Mail.

Both only paused the attack to take photos on Snapchat.

The judge said the duo tortured the woman “without knowing or caring whether she was alive or dead.”

“This is not a case of instantaneous death following a shot, a stab or a blow, she pleaded for you stop. This was a sustained attack over a long period of time carried out with weapons in many different ways, she suffered mentally and physically before she lost consciousness and died,” said the judge.

“She kindly invited you in she kindly brought you what you wanted and let you stay. You abused her hospitality and attacked her again and again,” he added.

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: Gothamist

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