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Two Teenagers Ordered To Stand Trial For Spiking Teacher's Drink

Two Wisconsin teenagers have been ordered to stand trial for allegedly spiking their teacher’s drink in October 2015.

The ruling was issued against Hailey Brock, 18, and Gavin Gilbertson, 17, on Jan. 4, WLUK reported. Their arraignments are set for Feb. 11.

The two high school students face two charges each: placing foreign objects in edibles and second -recklessly endangering safety.

“Gillett High School staff member Ray Johnson was feeling ill on Oct. 20, complaining about burning in his throat and stomach," the criminal complaint, filed Dec. 3, reads, according to a separate article from WLUK. "He went to the hospital to be checked out."

Johnson was released from hospital the same day following treatment.

Staff reviewed surveillance camera footage and were able to identify Brock and Gilbertson as the two students who had been in the teacher's classroom alone.

Brock admitted her part in spiking the drink, saying it was supposed to be a prank. Gilbertson said he opened the bottle of whiteboard cleaner for Brock, who squirted some of it into Johnson’s soda can.

At a previous hearing Dec. 10, a defense attorney requested that Gilbertson and Brock be allowed to be in contact while on bail because they were good friends who attended church and other activities together.

Judge Jay Conley granted bail to the teens but did not agree to contact between the two defendants.

“They can live their lives," Conley said, according to WLUK. "They can attend meetings. They can go to school. Incidental contact is fine, but I don't want any kind of intentional conversation between them of any kind, until this is resolved in court."

Bond was set at $5,000 each.

If convicted, the pair could face a maximum prison sentence of 13 years.

Sources: WLUK, WLUK via ABC, WLUK (2) / Photo credit: Oconto County Jail via WLUK

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