Two Teenage Boys Arrested For Abusing Puppy In Viral Clip (Video)


Two teenagers are in police custody after a video of one boy abusing a dog was posted on Facebook and quickly went viral.

The video, posted by Facebook user Coats Keshawn, shows a teenage boy body slamming a puppy multiple times before repeatedly punching it and restraining it. The person capturing the incident on camera can be heard laughing while the brutal animal abuse takes place.

“Yeah, I’m shocked about what happened because you know I didn’t think my son could do something like that, no way,” said the mother of one of the boys to Fox 2 News.

Since being posted on Facebook, the video has gotten over 4,000 shares and has spread across social media like wildfire. Both boys, the one behind the camera and the one actually abusing the dog, have now been arrested by St. Louis County police and are facing charges of animal abuse. Their cases have been turned over to Family Court because both boys are juveniles.

The puppy, said to be six or seven months old, has been seized by animal control and is being examined to see if she sustained any injuries. The dog will likely be put up for adoption.


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