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Two Sets Of Married Twins Live Together In One Home (Photos)

Two sets of twins that married and live together in the same home have opened up about their unusual story.

Doug and Jill Malm and Phil and Jena Malm are two couples made up of two pairs of identical twins. The Malm family have lived together for the last 24 years in Moscow, Idaho. Phil and Jena have a son, 18, named Tim, while Doug and Jill have a 19-year-old daughter, Rylie. The couples have said that their identical appearances can lead to some confusion from time to time.

"Unfortunately, there are times when I cannot tell them apart so I do things like say Jena and see which one perks up. We never approach too quickly," said Phil of the identical sisters, who also often dress similarly.

"From the back you are never supposed to make that decision, that's not a good thing," Doug said of a situation where he accidentally kissed Jena's neck.

"Oh we’ve got stories!" said Doug, according to Marie Claire. "The other day, I saw my wife working at the kitchen sink, so I came up behind her and started nibbling on her neck. It was the wrong neck!"

"Now Jill on the other hand, she'd never let Phil get that far along," Doug said of the incident.

The pairs of twins met at the Twin Days twin festival in Twinsburg, Ohio in 1991, when Jill and Jena were 24 and Doug and Phil were 34. The sisters had broken their camera during the festival, and approached the brothers for help.

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"We finally came to these guys and we were like 'Do you know anything about this red light on this camera?'" Jena recalled. "And they were like, 'No, but we can help you and see what we can do.'"

"Later on that evening," Jena added, "Jill and I were in our hotel room and we were like we have to find these gentleman because they were neat and something was biting us and we needed to see them."

The twins found each other, and exchanged addresses when the festival was ending. The siblings began a long-distance relationship, leading the brothers to invite Jill and Jena on a Caribbean cruise that Doug had won.

According to Jill, the young women's mother was hesitant about letting them go, but eventually agreed.

"Eventually our parents were like 'You are 25 years old you can make your own decision,' and so we looked at each other and said 'We are going on the cruise,'" said Jill.

Phil said that as soon as the sets of siblings reunited, they talked about the potential for mistaken identities among the twins.

"So not knowing which was Jena and not sure which I was talking to, we got to their hotel door and looked them straight in the face and told them 'pick one and don’t be changing,'" said Phil.

The couples hit it off and only a few months later, at Twin Days 1992, Doug and Phil proposed to the sisters on stage after a twin look-a-like contest. They were married at the next Twin Days, in 1993 in what other twins reportedly described as a "total media circus."

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"It was pandemonium," Phil said of the couples' engagement at the festival.

While Doug and Phil had not spent every moment together before they got married, Jill and Jena were incredibly close, sleeping in the same room and sharing a bank account, so the brothers said that they didn't want to separate the sisters when they married.

"We can't separate their twin relationship and we have never tried and we married them," said Phil.

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