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Robbers Target Wrong Store, One Dies In Seconds (Video)

Don't ever rob a gun store (video below).

It's a lesson that might seem obvious, but two armed robbers had to learn it the hard way in an attempted crime that cost one man his life.

On Dec. 26, 2016, two gunmen entered Dixie Gun and Pawn in Cobb County, Georgia, and pointed their firearms at the two employees behind the counter, according to WSB-TV. That's when they realized that there was a giant hole in their robbery plan.

"It's just amazing to see someone try to come into a gun store to rob a gun store," customer Terrance Coner told WSBTV. "I mean, that was a really un-thought-out plan."

Fortunately -- for the store owner, not for the men hoping to cash out -- the owner reacted fast and shot one of the robbers, killing him on the spot. The accomplice took off running, lucky to have his life.

"It could have been him shot, you know," said Bill Bloedow, a friend of the owner. "He was just protecting his merchandise and those around him. I hope it puts the fear in people going around trying to do this stuff, there is too much crime in this area."

Bloedow said that he was expecting an event like this "sooner or later," because the area is riddled with crime. In fact, this is far from the first time that the shop had been burglarized.

"He's just trying to make a living," said Victor Harris, another of the owner's friends. "That's all he's doing, and these guys come in and try to rob you and take your money and your guns. You can't have a business these days without people trying to take what you've got."

Cobb County falls near the national average when it comes to crime, with the majority of illegal activity being burglary, property crime and other theft, according to Point 2 Homes. The Georgia county ranks just slightly above the national average in all of these areas.

Harris told WSB-TV that the owner was torn up over what happened, though he knew had no choice but to defend himself.

"I feel sorry for both of them, really, and the guy that's laying in the floor there, too," said Harris.

The second gunman is still on the loose, but police are looking to the store's dramatic surveillance video recording to give them some clues as to the man's identity.

Sources: WSB-TV, Point 2 Homes, Raw Leak/YouTube / Photo credit: Raw Leak/YouTube

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