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Two Runaway Kittens Cause NYC Subway Power Shut Down (VIDEO)

Two tiny kittens brought part of the New York City subway system to a screeching halt on Aug. 29.

The missing kitties were spotted standing between the rails on subway tracks in the Brooklyn borough and were reported to the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Transit workers were dispatched onto the tracks to try to locate them, and the public was alerted to be on the lookout, the NewsInfo Inquirer states.

Officials report that they cut power to the B and Q lines in Brooklyn for more than an hour as the transit workers tried to corral the kittens but the frightened felines continued to run and elude capture.

According to USA Today, the kittens' owner tried unsuccessfully to coax them out using food.

Metropolitan Transit Authority spokeswoman Julie Glave announced that on Thursday evening the kittens were discovered under the third rail of an above-ground express track in Brooklyn.

MTA workers and police officers were finally able to contain the elusive little cats, place them in crates and safely rescue them so that NYC could return to normal.

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