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Two People Arrested For Crossing Road-Blocking Avalanche While Trying To Get Dying Cat Help

Kristina Clark and her boyfriend Donney Carlson spent a night in jail after walking over two avalanches that were blocking traffic on an Alaskan road, but their reason for doing it has some people praising them.

According to reports, Clark and her friend were trying to get her ailing cat Ninja to a vet when their path was blocked by the avalanches. Instead of turning around and going home, the pair decided that they would climb over the avalanches and get the cat medical attention.

The road that was blocked was the only way to get to the town of Valdez, so for Clark, there was no other option if she wanted her cat to live. After walking through the avalanche-blasting zone, the two were arrested and taken to jail while the cat was taken to Valdez Animal Shelter.

DOT workers apparently told the two to turn around and go back, but according to Carlson’s account, they were also told they could be taken to Valdez by helicopter. They didn't realize, however, that once they got into the helicopter, they were going to be arrested.

"We didn't know we were going to get arrested," said Carlson. “They didn't care about Ninja at all.”

“We had to do something and that was the only option," said Clark, who added that she called the police multiple times to ask what she should do. “They said if you want to go climbing, we can't stop you.”

Ninja was eventually taken to the Valdez Veterinary Clinic, where Dr. Kelly Hawkins saved her life.

"That cat wouldn't have made it much longer,” said Hawkins. “I was floored. I have to commend them for doing something to get their cat help."

The pair were eventually released from jail by a judge. Ninja has recovered and is reportedly doing well.


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