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Two Parking Spots in Boston Sold for $560k

Boston is a city with difficult-to-find parking spots, and that is evident with the recent purchase of two off-street parking spots for $560,000.

Lisa Blumenthal owns a multi-million dollar home in a prestigious neighborhood. All she was missing was parking spots, and now she has them. 

The spots were sold during an on-site auction yesterday by the Internal Revenue Service. They were selling the spots for a man who owed back taxes.

Though she wasn't expecting the bidding to go so high, she said the spots will come in handy for guests and workers. 

While the spots were expensive, they did not break the record. A single spot in Boston once went for $300,000. That's just a little less for the median price for a single-family home in Massachusetts, which is $313,000.

The bidding for the two spots started at $42,000 but after 15 minutes, the figure was up to six figures.

Bidders included real estate agents, lawyers and business owners.

Blumenthal's home is worth more than $5.8 million. 

Sources: Daily Mail, USA


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