San Diego Cops Help Elderly Vietnam Veteran (Video)

Two San Diego police officers were seen pushing a 67-year-old Vietnam veteran down the road in his motorized scooter when it broke down over Memorial Day weekend.

Officers Eric Cooper and Milo Shields noticed Gilbert LaRocque on the side of the road while they were out directing traffic. When they approached him, the officers learned that his scooter had stopped working.

"I didn't know what I was going to do," said LaRocque, who was injured in the war and relies on the scooter to be mobile.

Cooper and Shields asked if they could bring LaRocque back to his house, but the veteran explained that he needed the scooter to get around and could not just leave it there. So, the officers wound up pushing LaRocque one mile to his home.

“We thought it was going to be like pushing a shopping cart, but we were fighting against the transmission the whole time,” said Cooper. “We would have done it for anyone, but we definitely wanted to get that guy home.”

The San Diego Police Department wound up posting the video of the incident on their Facebook page, and many are commending the cops for their good deed, especially during Memorial Day weekend.

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“Being a veteran myself, I was gracious for his service to our country,” said Shields. “The least I could do was push him. We think about veterans one day a year. We should think about them more.”

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC San Diego, NY Daily News


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