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Two New York Men Arrested For Creating Radiation Machine To Be Used On Islamic Groups

Two New York men were charged on Wednesday with trying to create a Star Wars-esque mobile machine that would kill victims using lethal levels of X-Ray radiation.

According to prosecutors, victims would be completely unaware they had been hit with radiation until several days later when radiation poisoning set in.

The men behind the machine are Glendon Crawford, an industrial mechanic with General Electric, and Eric Freight, who is also employed by an electronics company.

Crawford, who investigators discovered is a member of the Klu Klux Klan, intended to sell the weapon to Israeli groups that would use the device against Palestinians.

According to court records, Crawford went to an Albany, New York, synagogue and “asked to speak with a person who might be willing to help him with a type of technology that could be used by Israel to defeat its enemies, specifically, by killing Israel's enemies while they slept.” Investigators added that Crawford referred to Palestinians and enemies of America as “medical waste.”

But Crawford’s open discussing of his plan ended up getting him in trouble. Troubled synagogue employees contacted the FBI after Crawford’s visit, and federal officials began an undercover investigation.

It was during the investigation that in federal agents got a close-up look at Crawford’s plan for his device and his disdain for the groups he intended to use it on. He described his device as “Hiroshima on a light switch” and told an undercover FBI agent that he intended to use it on the Muslims community. Speaking on what he’d like to see his device used for, Crawford said that nothing would be “sweeter than a big stack of smelly bodies.”

Crawford and Freight were arrested after federal officials decided they’d heard enough. The men’s charges carry a 15-year maximum sentence and a $250,000 fine if they are convicted.

Federal officials assured the public that the radiation device had been rendered inoperable and is no longer a threat to public safety. 

Souce: NY Daily News, Times Union


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