Two New Jersey Police Officers Charged With Sexual Assault Of 16-Year-Old


Two police officers in Atlantic City, New Jersey have been charged with criminal sexual contact, sexual assault with a 16-year-old while holding a position of authority and official misconduct, according to ABC 6.

Atlantic City officer Andre Corbin and Brigantine Officer Ralph Pereira were both charged for the same incident involving a teenage girl, although no further details of the incident have been released.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, both officers were being held in the Atlantic County Justice Facility on $100,000 bail. Corbin has posted his bail, while Pereira remains incarcerated. 

A report conducted in 2011 by the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project found that 517 officers were involved in sexual misconduct complaints throughout the first three quarters of 2010. Although statistical data is limited for more recent years, this represents a large amount of law enforcement officers being accused of sexual misconduct while on-duty.


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