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Two Minnesota Runners Disqualified For Aiding Opponent Across Finish Line

Last weekend, at a Minnesota state girls' cross country meet, two athletes were disqualified from competition after they aided a fellow runner in crossing the finish line.

According to Fox News, Kailee Kiminski of Esko High School and Tierney Winter of Janesville High School were the two runners who felt compelled to act when they saw Jackson County Central’s Jessica Christoffer struggling to finish the race.

"I just got tired and I fell, and it wasn't good, and then there were two girls that helped me ... helped me finish and it was really nice of them," Christoffer told KEYC-TV. "I'm really thankful for them. It means a lot to me. It means I accomplished my goal of running at state and doing well."

Kiminski and Winter are both upperclassmen while Christoffer is a freshman. Cross country prides itself on being a sport where athletes help push other athletes to get the very best they can out of them. Running can be a difficult affair since it largely encompasses a battle between the body and mind. Sometimes an extra push is all one needs to finish a race and achieve the goal of finishing.    

When asked about her motivations for the selfless act Kiminski told the station, "I couldn't leave her there. I saw a couple of pictures online before, I've seen girls help each other out, so I was like, I'll help her out and we'll see what happens ... I wouldn't want to be left out there if it was me, so I just thought of myself there, too."

While the sportsmanship is undeniable, it still remains to be seen if there will be a change in the high school rule that says a runner can not aid another runner while crossing the finish line. It would seem that Kiminski and Winter would not be too worried about the outcome, since they were willing to sacrifice their own times to begin with.   


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