Two Men Maliciously Release Dog To Attack 12-Year-Old Girl In A Wheelchair


A 12-year-old wheelchair-bound disabled girl was the victim of a brutal attack when two random men let their pit bull terrier loose on her.

According to reports, the young girl was on a wooded path with her father when the two men walked by with the pit bull, or similar breed. The girl reportedly waved her hands because she felt uncomfortable with how close the dog was to her, and in a cruel response, one of the men reportedly said, “Get her,” to the dog. The dog proceeded to charge towards the girl, who was in a wheelchair, and jump on top of her. The girl’s father grabbed hold of the dog and wrestled him before the two men grabbed it and fled the scene.

Officials say that the girl would likely have been seriously hurt if it wasn’t for the arm guards she was wearing.

Northamptonshire Police Inspector Kev Byrne said, following the incident, that they are trying to locate the two suspects.

“This is an absolutely disgraceful incident. It is not a case of a dog being out of control, but being used as a weapon in an assault on a very vulnerable girl,” said Byrne. “Had it not been for the victim's arm guards, she could have been seriously injured. I know local residents will be appalled by this incident and I would urge anybody with any information to contact us immediately.”

Sources: Mirror UK, BBC, Metro UK


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