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Two Men Save The Life Of 8-Month-Old Baby Who Had To Be Resuscitated Twice After Car Accident

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Two men, including a former highway patrol officer and a reverend, helped save the life of an 8-month-old infant after a car accident in Visalia, California.

Tony Calvillo, 42, of Visalia was on his way to a fishing derby with his 8-year-old son, Jared, when the pair stopped at a sporting goods store to buy fishing equipment and a knife. Little did Calvillo know that he would soon be using the knife for a different purpose.

Later that day, Calvillo watched as a car veered off the side of Highway 198 in Visalia and struck a tree before overturning, the Fresno Bee reports.

When he approached the wrecked vehicle to help, he saw the 8-month-old baby, Ryder Lockwood, seemingly unconscious in the back passenger seat. The infant's mother, Brittany Lockwood, had helped his older brother, Preston, 5, escape from the car and was trying to free his sister, Aubreanna, 2, from her car seat when Calvillo walked up to the vehicle.

Calvillo, a real estate agent and ordained reverend who also volunteers as a pilot for a local police search and rescue team, broke the back window of the car with the knife that he had bought earlier that day. He then pulled the unconscious infant out of the vehicle and performed CPR to revive him.

After 30 seconds of chest compressions, Ryder seemed to regain consciousness.

By this time, another bystander named Mike Spicer, who is a security guard and former California Highway Patrol officer, had also arrived on the scene.

Spicer, 61, of Hanford, California, took over the CPR as Calvillo helped rescue the other occupants from the car with the assistance of a third, unidentified man who had also stopped to help. 

Ryder reportedly lost consciousness again shortly after he was handed over to Spicer, who struggled to resuscitate him for a second time. But the child did not seem to be responding.

When Brittany asked whether her son was dead, Spicer and Calvillo braced themselves to break the bad news to her. At that moment, Ryder suddenly began crying.

"We were just in tears," Calvillo told the Fresno Bee. "We couldn't believe what we were seeing."

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Doctors at the hospital where the infant was taken following the crash said he was in good health and did not suffer any complications from the accident. His mother and siblings escaped with minor injuries. 

Calvillo said he believed divine intervention put him and Spicer "in the right place, at the right time" to help a family in need.

"Obviously, I have a lot of faith," he told the Fresno Bee. "But it’s one thing to read about Christ and another thing to actually be part of — again, no doubt — a miracle."

Spicer said he had been listening to a sermon about the Holy Spirit on his car radio when he came across the scene of the accident, and that the sermon kept playing as he was performing CPR on Ryder.

"That was unbelievable and a miracle," he said about the infant's revival.

About 2,703 children under the age of 5 were injured in traffic accidents in California in 2013, according to statistics reported by the California Highway Patrol. 

Source: The Fresno Bee, California Highway Patrol / Photo credit: The Fresno Bee

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