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Two Men Decide To Buy Lunch For A Table Of Law Enforcement Officers

Although 2015 is on course to see the second lowest number of police officer murders in decades, well-publicized attacks against members of law enforcement have compelled thousands to reach out and offer their support — even if it’s something as small as buying a cop’s lunch.

Two men in Duncan, Oklahoma, felt the same inclination to buy lunch for three Oklahoma highway patrol officers, a law enforcement officer with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and a District Attorney investigator.

Ronnie Corcorran, a patron at Rib Crib asked waitress Olivia Williams to break some change so he could pay for part of the five law enforcement officers’ lunches. Another man, who was not identified, paid for the rest of the meals, reports KSOW.

"It was one of those things that God kept putting on my heart. He kept telling me, ‘I know you don't have much, but I need you to do this,’" Corcorran told KSWO.

Williams was surprised two patrons pitched in to help buy the meal. "Two in one day ... I thought that was crazy,” she said. 

Trooper Nathan Mackey, one of the cops having lunch at the time, said he was grateful. “These are trying times right now for anybody that's wearing a uniform, you know we are being a target, assassinated and shot for no reason. It's really nice to see people out there who really care," he said.

Mackey explained small gestures like that help remind him why he got into law enforcement. "I think people are finally starting to realize that a lot of the negative press we are getting, the people are starting to get their feel of it and realize we are not all bad people,” he said.

Corcorran hopes others follow suit. "We've got to give these guys a break, they go out every day to sacrifice their lives. They take a chance of not going home that night.”

Sources: KSOW, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Courtesy photo via KSOW


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