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Two Men Attacked by Gang in Austin, Texas (Video)

A video showing two men with long hair being attacked by a gang of six men in Austin, Texas recently went viral.

The video (below), which was posted on LiveLeak, shows two white men and six African-American gang members exchanging words on Jan. 26.

At one point, the leader of the gang yells repeatedly, "Are you ready?" He then punches the man in the green shirt, which begins the beating that last several minutes.

In addition to thousands of views on the web, the assault got the attention of Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo.

"We've got a tremendous proliferation of bars, we've got a bunch of drunks who come out at bar closing time. I work patrol on a regular basis and my cops are going from fight to fight to fight to fight. EMS is going crazy, especially Thursday through Saturday," Chief Acevedo told My Fox Austin.

"We continue to build on our public safety camera system downtown," added Chief Acevedo. "We have some new bodies, some new positions, that the city council allocated this year. 47 new positions and 22 of those are actually going to go to the Downtown Area Command as soon as they are hired, trained and out on the streets."

However, many employees are scared for their safety at night, especially if they have cash or are thought to have money on them.

Police are hoping to the use video to track down the assailants, but they also want to find the person who shot the video because they believe he or she could be helpful in the investigation, notes

It's possible the camera person knows the gang members because he or she is never approached and is allowed to film.

Sources:, My Fox Austin, LiveLeak



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