Two Men Assault LGBT Youth on NYC Subway After Pride Festivities (Video)


In disturbing footage uploaded on June 2, two NYC subway riders were seen harassing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth after this past Sunday's gay pride festivities.

The woman recording the footage, who called herself an attorney, was taking the Queens-bound F train home when a man in a black baseball cap and another in a blue polo began making homophobic remarks. When he became more aggressive, she began recording in the hopes that he would calm down and shy away from the camera.

When the man in the polo realized he was being recorded, he grabbed the woman who can be heard screaming off camera.

“Don't turn that camera on again,” the man in the baseball cap threatened. “I’ll snatch it from you, and I’ll break it.”

She threatened that he could go to jail because she was an attorney. When he released her, bystanders checked to make sure she was unhurt, though she left with bruises and other marks.

“Normal? What’s normal?” one of the young women asked. “Because you don’t agree with our lifestlye? You’re ignorant!”

The man in the polo attempted to choke one of the women in the group of LGBT youth and threatened to kill her, though her incessant requests to “shut [her] up” eventually scared him off.

The man in the baseball cap began screaming at her and a circle of people formed around the two. The man threatened to hit her so hard she would die.

“Nobody bothered you,” she cried. “You bothered us. How about that?”

When the subway stopped, both men took the Roosevelt Ave-Jackson stop and fled, though they had been en route to Jamaica.

Sources: Towleroad, News With Tags


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