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Kentucky Men Accused Of Dragging Dog Behind Car, Killing It


Two men in Lexington, Kentucky, have been arrested after they allegedly dragged a dog behind their car on Wednesday night.

Law enforcement officials arrested Vincent O’Bryan, 33, and Jesse Durham, 28, on Wednesday night, WKYT reported. O'Bryan was charged with torturing a dog, terroristic threatening, disorderly conduct, and alcohol intoxication. Durham was charged with torturing a dog and alcohol intoxication.

The men were arrested after multiple people called the police reporting a car driving with a dog tied to the back.

The incident began and ended near O’Bryan’s home after police were able to tail the two men and arrest them.

The dog reportedly died from its injures, and the body of the dog was discovered on a street nearby.

“[O'Bryan] come flying down our street,” Stephanie Long, O'Bryan's neighbor, told WKYT. “Come to a screeching halt down at his house and him and the gentleman that was with him went running inside and it was approximately two minutes or less when here come the police car and four others followed behind him.”

There were reportedly eight other animals in O’Bryan’s home. Lexington Fayette Animal Care & Control arrived on the scene and took the animals into their custody.

Both O’Bryan and Durham were arraigned on Thursday afternoon. They both pleaded not guilty.

Source: Lex18, WKYT

Photo Credit: Lex18


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