Angry Mob Lynched Two Men Accused Of Raping And Murdering Tea Garden Worker In India


Earlier this week, Opposing Views reported that a young Brazilian man was beaten to death for raping a three-year-old girl. Now, a similar story has come out of India involving two rape and murder suspects.

According to reports, two men accused of raping and murdering a woman were lynched by an angry mob in Assam’s Dibrugarh area over the weekend. The lynching allegedly happened at a tea garden where the murdered woman reportedly worked after her body was found on Friday morning. Saturday’s lynching was in direct response to the heinous crime that the two men were accused of committing.

All day Thursday, the woman’s family and friends searched for her but came up with nothing. By Friday morning, however, the woman’s body was found, and locals accused the two lynched men of raping and murdering her.

The angry mob was able to track the men down at the garden, and that’s where the chaotic attack took place. Angry people who worked at the tea garden with the victim reportedly blocked both the media and the police from entering the premises while the lynching took place.

Sources: NDTV, Assam Times 


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