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Two London Men Become First People To Be Prosecuted For Spitting

Thanks to tough anti-littering laws that were recently passed in the U.K., two London men were successfully prosecuted for spitting.

After being charged with public spitting, Khasheem Kiah Thomas, 18, and Zilvinus Vitkas refused to pay the fine and instead opted to challenge the policy of Waltham Forest’s council in court.

Court magistrates upheld the council’s decision, meaning that Waltham Forest is now the first council in the U.K. to successfully prosecute for spitting in public. Other local authorities now know that they can expect to win cases that they bring against people who spit in public using littering laws, the Daily Mirror reported.

“You pick out a child of that age for spitting yet everyone does it? I personally think it a disgusting thing to do, but I do see children and adults of all nationalities, young and old, spitting,” said Thomas’s 57-year-old grandmother, Patricia Thomas.

Waltham Forest deputy leader Clyde Loakes said the council’s goal was to eliminate the unsightly and unsanitary habit. "We are going after anti-social spitters who really irritate our residents by leaving piles of spit on streets and in bus shelters,” he said.

After losing at their hearing, Thomas and Vitkas were ordered to pay an amount that was double their original fines in addition to footing the bill for legal costs.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, BBC


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