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Two-Legged Puppy Finds New Home After Almost Being Put Down (Video)

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A two-legged dog set to be euthanized was instead given a new home and a new family (video below)

Deuce was brought to Denver, Colorado, from Texas earlier this month and functions normally aside from the fact that he hops more frequently than other dogs and has to wear a special sweater that protects his chest, USA Today reported.

Deuce’s previous owner had taken him to a shelter in Texas to be euthanized, but Denver’s Evergreen Animal Protective League stepped in and rescued him before it was too late. Now, he is getting a new home along with his second chance. 

Earlier this week, Deuce went home with his new owners, Melissa and Ken Rogers. The Rogers founded a nonprofit called Colorado Comfort Canines, which brings therapy dogs to communities and people in need.

“They're normal dogs, they really are,” Ken Rogers told USA Today. “What we try to do is let them have an opportunity to be a normal dog."

Ken said the opportunity to give Deuce a second chance was something they couldn’t pass up, as many never get that opportunity.

“Most often, dogs like these don't make it out of wherever they were born. They just get put down, they get ignored and they don't get adopted,” he said. 

Deuce will soon be fitted in a wheelchair — just like the Rogers’ 10-year-old dog KanDu, who is also missing his front paws.

“It's not a hardship for us to have KanDu, he's been a blessing,” Rogers said. 

“I think it's important that these guys get a first chance," he added. "Not just a second chance."

Sources: USA Today, 9 News

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