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Two-Legged Dog Gets Special Scooter Device To Move Around (Video)

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A dog that was born with only two legs received a special device made of Legos that enables him to move freely (video below). 

A Phoenix, Arizona, rescue organization made a special cart for Scooter, the 12-week-old dog who uses just his hind legs to move around on the device.

Scooter was born with a genetic defect that left him with stumps instead of front legs, and was given to a shelter as a newborn. He was later taken in by Pitty Paws Bully Rescue, which made the special cart just for him. The cart was made after it was determined that Scooter wasn’t a candidate for prosthetics.

“I call him an inchworm, because he kind of throws his chest forward and lunges with his rear,” Dr. Julie Mayer said. “We want to try to have him do some form of locomotion because what's going to happen is he can get lesions on his chest just from scooting around.”

Scooter is also learning to walk with the help of an inflatable tube, and a spoon of peanut butter for motivation. When he’s older and fully learns to push himself on the wheeled device, he will be fitted with a larger, permanent cart. 

“He's in the permit stage of getting his driver's license, so he's doing well,” Mayer said. 

Learn more about Scooter in the video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 10 Phoenix / Photo credit: Screenshot via Fox 10 Phoenix


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