Two Killed, One Wounded After Love Triangle Turns Violent


On Nov. 30, police went to the home of Xylia Castillo in Cinco Ranch, Texas, and found the bloody remnants of a love triangle gone wrong.

Police say Wilson Marcella Ferrer, 28, went to the home and shot 38-year-old Joshua Long and Castillo, 40, before fleeing. 

Long was pronounced dead at the scene, but Castillo survived a gunshot wound to her abdomen, Your Houston News reported.

Though Ferrer fled the scene, deputies found him there the following day. The Fort Bend SWAT Team was called in, and Ferrer committed suicide on Dec. 1.

Ferrer and Castillo had recently broken up. Castillo and Long were romantically involved, Click2Houston reported. 

Castillo and Ferrer shared custody of their two children, whom police found in Castillo’s home after the shooting, along with a child of Long’s. None of the children, all between the ages of 2 and 6, was harmed in the incident.

Castillo was hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition.

Sources: Click2Houston, Your Houston News / Photo credit: Your Houston News

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