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Two Ice Fishermen Catch Huge Lake Trout Under Clear Ice On Lake Superior

Ice fishers getting ready for the new season have reason to be excited for the coming freeze. A video posted on a Youtube channel called JigHeadsTV shows two ice fishermen overjoyed at the size of a lake trout under the ice on Lake Superior.

The man who caught the trout said that they ventured more than 20 miles onto the ice of Lake Superior in order to set up camp for ice fishing. After sitting peacefully for a while, the massive fish bit on his bait and he tried to haul it in. The water and ice are so clear that the fish can be seen struggling to get away before he hauls it in.

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One man screamed in joy, “That’s like over 40 inches long, it’s huge!” The other answered, just as gleefully, "Look at the size of that!”

After struggling for a while to haul it in, the man proudly displayed the lake trout to the camera.  The fish looked to be over three feet long. The men were clearly not expecting to catch a fish of that size, as the hole they drilled is barely big enough in order to pull the fish out of the water.

After displaying it for the camera the men let it go back into the waters of Lake Superior.

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Sources: The Blaze / Photo Source: The Blaze


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