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Two Car Crashes Kill Nine Family Members

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Recently, horrifying news of a young Kentucky family of four people has shocked readers. They were killed in a terrible car crash earlier this week -- four months earlier, a separate car crash killed five other members of the same family.

A collision in Cold Spring, Kentucky, led to the deaths of five people, four of whom were related.

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The victims of the accident were identified as Taylor Koch, aged 22; her husband Brandon Lawson, aged 23; and their two children -- Brendan, who was only 21 months old, and his sister Isabella, only 6 months old -- by the police. Another person who was killed in the accident was 74-year-old Sharon Groves.

According to the authorities, all five of the car crash victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The sole survivor of the initial crash was Russell Groves, Sharon’s husband, 83.

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A Facebook post from one of the family members claimed that Russell Groves was hospitalized with serious injuries.

"Father-in-law is still in critical condition on a ventilator not conscious. Has multiple broken bones and has had two surgeries so far to repair internal bleeding,' Jim Pychon wrote.

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"Update, it's much worse. Both legs broken, arm broken, lost his spleen and a large section of intestines, and all his ribs broken. Dr. says 50% chance," he added.

Cold Spring Police Chief Steve Collinsworth said that tests have been ordered but it’s highly unlikely that the cause of the crash was drugs.

"It's really undetermined why it happened," he said. "If you can put your finger on it, it makes it a little easier, but in this case, we may never be able to do that."

"I saw the young woman first. I checked for a pulse, there wasn't one," he said. "The car was such a mess, it looked like it didn't have anyone else in it. I didn't see anybody else. I looked and I saw a car seat. I reached in for the baby. I felt for a pulse. There was not a pulse."

"I kept going back and checking again, checking again," he said.

A family relative, Nancy Dishman, said that she was heartbroken over the loss.

"There are no words you can put in to ease the pain and suffering that both families are going through or getting ready to go through," her brother, Ray Dishman, added.

"Such tragedies in the past few months that you've got to pull support from your faith and your family and your friends to get you through this difficult time," he said.

In November of 2017, Nancy and Ray Dishman attended the funeral for Nancy’s son and his family.

On Oct. 26, in Independence, Kentucky, a family of five was killed in a car crash. Rodney Pollitt, aged 26; his wife Samantha Malohn, aged 27; and their three children -- Hailieann Pollitt, aged 9, Brenden Pollitt, aged 8, and Cailie Pollitt, who was only 6.

Taylor Koch and Rodney Pollitt were cousins and fell victim to untimely deaths.

The car the family was traveling in was hit by 57-year-old Daniel Greis in a head-on collision. The entire family died on the spot. Greis was hospitalized.

The police accused Greis of drinking and driving at the speed of 100 mph at the time of the accident. He was further charged with murder and pleaded not guilty in January. He is set for a court trial June 19.

Source: Daily Mail / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: Pexels (23)

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