Two Homeless Men Help Put Out Salt Lake City House Fire


On Sunday evening, two homeless men aided the Salt Lake City Fire Department in dousing a house fire.

The fire began at 850 W. 200 N. in Salt Lake City, Utah, after the homeowner reportedly started a fire in a wood-burning oven and stepped outside to attend to a barbeque. While the homeowner was gone, the unattended fire spread.

That’s when two homeless men, one identified as Jeremy Poulson, sprang into action.

Poulson told KUTV that he and a second man grabbed a garden hose and jumped on the roof to fight the fire.

“They were quite shocked to see us show up out of nowhere on bikes and just grab what we can,” Poulson said.

Firefighters soon arrived and put out the fire.

“Amazing what people who have very little will do for those who have much,” one Facebook commenter wrote. “Such a selfless act.”

There was minimal damage done to the home. One of the homeless men suffered burns to his hand.

Sources: KUTVMy Informs

Photo Credit: KUTV, UT/


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