Two-Headed Snake Discovered In Indian Village (Photos)


If one snake doesn’t freak you out enough, one snake with two heads should do the job. An Indian man was lucky enough to snap some pictures of a rare two-headed snake that slithered its way onto his patio.

Apurba Ghosh was able to grab his camera phone in enough time to get some close-up shots of the snake, and almost immediately after the pictures were taken, the snake was gone.

It happened at the blink of an eye,” said Ghosh. “The snake came across and was gliding along the surface. I only managed to take shots with my phone. It was all gone within seconds.”

The snake, believed to be a checkered keelback, isn’t the first with two heads to be spotted in the area, but this is one of the first times anyone has successfully gotten proof of a sighting. Burdwan, the Indian village where Ghosh lives, is known for its many snake sightings.

“Snakes are sighted here very often because of close proximity to the forests. But they don't attack humans,” said Ghosh. “Some animals, mostly dogs and other pets, are bitten once in a while. Some villagers also worship these snakes because they are regarded as highly auspicious in the Hindu religion.”

Although a few two-headed snakes have been seen over the years, many don’t live for more than a few months, and its very rare that anyone has an opportunity to document the discovery. 


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