Family Trip To Disney World Ends In Tragedy (Photos)


A family vacation to Disney World in Florida ended in tragedy on Sept. 25 after both parents were killed while their two children survived.

Neither Haley, 13, nor Sophia Moyers, 8, knew their parents had died while doctors treated the children for serious injuries at an Orlando hospital, the Daily Mail reports.

"The girls don't know what happened to them [their parents] yet," said close friend of the family, Loni Burnside Eaton, the Orlando Sentinel reports. "Everyone is on their way down there and that's when they'll tell them. It's just devastating."

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Authorities say Haley is now stable, but Sophia is still in critical condition.

Another car had drifted into their lane and slammed into the family's car, forcing it off the road before it crashed into a tree.

While the other driver, 43-year-old Charles King, survived, Greg, 40, and Sarah Moyers, 39, did not.

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The family from Leadwood, Missouri, had reportedly worked hard and cut corners to save enough money for the Florida vacation.

The father, Greg, owned a muffler shop while Sarah worked as McDonald's restaurant manager.

Regardless of how little they made, they were determined to take their children to Disney World and Universal Studios.

"They were very involved and supportive parents and just wanted the best for them,"  Eaton said. "They wanted the girls to experience Disney and the beach. I can't believe this really happened."

The couple were also raising three other children, two of whom were Sarah's sister's.

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Those who know the family are in shock.

"They were amazing together. It's going to leave a big void in our family and also in the community because everyone knew them and loved them," Cheryl Neeley, Sarah's stepmother, said.

Since the crash, friends have created a GoFundMe account for the now orphaned girls.

"I know that if roles were reversed, [Greg] would be the first one to step up and help support my family," writes Jason Nash on the page. "Please help me do what I know my friend would've done for me. SUPPORT! Every penny you donate will be used to help support these two girls as they take on life without the two people that loved them the most."

Authorities are still investigating the crash. No charges have yet been filed.

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