Two Girls Beat Woman To Death, Send Photos To Friends


Two teenage girls in England have been found guilty of murdering a woman in her own home by 'battering and torturing' her.

Angela Wrightson, 39, was discovered dead in her home in December 2014 with more than 100 injuries, including 80 to her face, according to BBC.

The girls, then aged 13 and 14, had used a variety of objects to beat Wrightson with, including a computer printer and a coffee table.

The two teens documented evidence of the gruesome scene through a series of pictures and even selfies, which were posted on Snapchat, according to NZ Herald.

The girls reportedly knew Ms. Wrightson, as she had purchased alcohol and cigarettes for them on a number of occasions.  The two teens had let themselves into Wrightson's home on the evening of the murder and asked her to visit the store for them.  BBC reports that both girls had been drinking and the older girl had taken some prescription drugs earlier in the day.

A number of phone calls were made by the younger girl both during and after the brutal assault, including one where she admitted, outright, to the killing: "We done Angie in last night."

She told another friend, "... I wanted her dead."

During a call to a friend through the Facebook application, the friend reported hearing the girl say: "Go on [older girl]. Smash her head in. Bray her. F------ kill her."

After the attack, the girls called the police and took a selfie picture in the back of their van.  This reportedly happened after the murder but before the body was discovered.

The older of the two teens admitted to manslaughter but denied that the pair intended to cause Ms. Wrightson serious harm.

Peter McPhillips, Detective Chief Superintendent of Cleveland Police, said of the case:

"Throughout almost 25 years of service I have never come across such a brutal murder committed by such young girls."

The girls will be sentenced April 7.

Sources: BBC, NZ Herald / Photo credit: Facebook via NZ Herald

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