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Dog Dies At Petco, Two Former Animal Groomers Charged

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Law enforcement officials charged two former Virginia Petco employees with animal neglect after a dog was found dead in their care in May.

Suzanne C. Jensen, 31, and Rebecca L. Witherspoon, 28, have been charged with a class four misdemeanor charge of animal neglect after Colby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, was discovered dead in a drying cage at the pet store, KSN reported.

The incident began on May 29, when owner Allison Marks dropped Colby off at a Petco in Chesterfield County, Virginia, to be cleaned and groomed.

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According to Marks, when she returned for her animal, she was informed that Colby had died. A veterinarian would later tell the distraught animal owner that the cause of death was heatstroke.

Though Petco initially suspended the groomer involved, they since said that the “individuals directly involved” are no longer with them. They also reportedly removed the type of kennel dryer involved in the incident from all Petco stores as well as enacted additional training for animal groomers.

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“I am glad to see there will be justice for Colby’s death,” said Marks to reporters at NBC. “I am still extremely thankful for all the continuous support and prayers during this difficult time!”

Though Petco denies that the dryer used on Colby utilized heat or hot air, they did say that their “animal care protocols were not followed,” adding that “as animal lovers, we’re saddened and deeply concerned about what happened to Colby.”

Source: KSN, NBC

Photo Credit: KSN, NBC


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