Two Florida Teens Commit Suicide After Gunning Down Police Officer


A Windmere, Florida police officer was killed on duty Saturday morning. The officer, 31-year-old Robert German, was gunned down by two teenagers at approximately 4 a.m. The teenagers who killed German were found dead soon after in suspected suicides.

The incident began when Officer German stopped Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17, and Brandon Goode, 18, while they were walking through a wealthy Orlando suburb late at night. German immediately called for backup after he stopped the teenagers. When other officers arrived, they found German lying immobilized in the street with severe gunshot wounds.

Police transported German to nearby medics who rushed him to Orlando Regional Medical Center. German was pronounced dead minutes after arriving at the hospital. Meanwhile, officers at the scene of the shooting set up a perimeter to search for the gunmen.

Soon after arriving at the scene, the officers heard more gunfire. Those shots may have been self-inflicted by the teenagers, as both were found dead with fatal gunshot wounds moments later.

Windmere Police Chief David Odgen spoke on German’s passing over the weekend.

“Officer German was a good cop. He was one of the finest police officers we've had,” Chief Odgen said. “We ask that you give the Windermere Police Department, our officers and the family some time to get through this tragedy.”

Windmere Mayor Gary Bruhn echoed those sentiments.

"I think one thing that his mother shared with me was that how he loved being an officer and how he loved working for Windermere,” Bruhn said. “And I think that showed in everything he did, his relationships with our residents, even our elected officials and staff.”

Sources: My News 13, WESH


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