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Two Florida Teacher Aides Charged For Child Neglect In Classroom Fight (Video)

Two Florida teacher’s aides in Osceola County have been arrested after a cellphone video shows them standing idly by while a boy was brutally beaten in a special education classroom.

Deputies say 59-year-old Mona Sagar and Kristie and 38-year-old Kristie Gilmore ignored the fight that broke out on Jan. 9 at Discovery Intermediate School in Poinciana, and are now charged with child neglect for not using the cellphones and radios that were available to call for help, the Daily Mail reports.

Three students were also arrested – two boys and a girl – from the classroom and charged with aggravated assault and disrupting a school function.

WFTV reports that detectives retrieved three videos of the incident, which shows a student identified as Joseph Graham, kicking a classmate and pushing him against a computer desk.

At one point, deputies told Bay News 9 Graham said to the victim, "Next comment I’m gonna stomp on your heart, and I know you’ve got a condition where I stomp on it and you’re dead ... you can’t make those racist jokes.”

The boy who suffered the beating has a medical condition, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The two other students charged in the case reportedly threw chairs as another student captured the incident on video. Someone off-camera is heard asking why the victim is not fighting back.

"That was no mercy," the voice says. "It's crazy."

Authorities say the women were supervising the classroom but chose not to intervene or call for assistance.

Gilmore and Sagar have been removed from the classroom and may be suspended without pay, school administrators say.

Gilmore’s roommate, Joshua Ortiz, says the school employee is six months pregnant.

“I don't blame her, she's pregnant,” Ortiz told WKMG. “She's really understanding and caring. I don't think she means any harm.”

Ortiz says Gilmore has been the one harmed before.

'I've heard stories of her getting hit by her students before,” he said. 


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