Kitten Discovered In Car's Engine Compartment (Photos)

Two Maryland fire departments came to the rescue of a small kitten who was stuck inside of a car’s engine.

The driver pulled into the Chillum-Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department with an unusual request. He told firefighters a kitten was stuck inside the vehicle’s engine and he needed help rescuing it, NBC Washington reported.

Rescuers called in a Berwyn Heights unit to assist them. Together, they dismantled the car’s front end and saved the feline.

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A veterinarian was consulted during the rescue mission. The veterinarian suggested that oxygen be given to the kitten.

The kitten was rushed to Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital in Laurel. She was listed in stable condition with minor scrapes and a burn on her rump, the Bowie Patch reported.

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“The car was also put back together with no parts left over,” Deputy Chief John Guyton said.

The department said the kitten is in need a good home.

Sources: NBC Washington, The Bowie Patch

Photo Credit: The Bowie Patch


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