Two FBI Agents Shot Near Unrest In Ferguson, Missouri


Two FBI agents were shot early this morning near the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to Reuters, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed on Wednesday that two agents were injured at a home in north St. Louis.

Although this incident took place mere hours after local authorities and protesters clashed in Ferguson, the FBI spokeswoman insisted that the shooting was not ‘directly’ related to the ongoing, Darren Wilson-related demonstrations that had been occurring in the area.

One of the FBI agents was shot in the shoulder, while the other is said to have been shot in the leg. Both injuries have been deemed ‘not life-threatening.’

The second straight night of protests in Ferguson largely resembled the first night. A police car was set on fire near the City Hall area and police ultimately fired tear gas into the crowds in order to get the protesters to disperse.

Sources: Reuters, Yahoo / Photo Credit Associated Press


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